VW Transporter racking for business and work

Got yourself a VW Transporter for your business and work? Why not use all that empty space and get something that'll help you in your line of work? Get some racks to help keep things organised much more easily inside your van and carry less tools around overall. Instead of having a bunch of heavy toolboxes scraping against the floor of the van, you'd have neatly sorted shelves and drawers while still having plenty of room moving around inside thanks to the racks and shelves making good use of the walls and verticality inside.

Not only does VW Transporter racking help make good use of the space inside your van, it also helps keep things nice and tidy without tools being scattered all around the floor.  Of course, it's a small investment but one that pays back over time thanks to time saved and extra customers served.

Racking your van

With VW Transporter racking you'll find yourself with more time to spend with customers and work instead of preparing and organising your tools for the job you're going to. Of course, it's important to make sure you get the right racks and shelves that fit in your VW Transporter and that also fit the tools and tasks you have for your work.

WorkSystem UK​

Luckily enough there's companies out there that has a large assortment of shelves and racks that are specially made for certain vans and one I can recommend is WorkSystem UK which generally have rather cheap shelves and racks for all sorts of vans. Do make sure not too stingy with your money, it's better to get all the shelves and racks you think you'll need than getting too few and end up having to do a lot of carrying and moving of tools in the end anyway.​​